In 2018, I founded Malty the Blue Tiger, an educational company that provides dual language children's books and audiobooks to families and teachers worldwide. 

These dual language children's books make practicing Spanish or French vocabulary easy for both new learners and bilingual families. They feature color-coded vocabulary words, illustrated glossaries, and informational sections about blue tigers in both English and the target language.


Malty the Blue Tiger dual language books and audiobooks are rich in sight words and repeated phrases, and teach categorizing skills, spatial vocabulary, counting, colors, animal names and sounds, sentence structure and rhyming, and important social-emotional lessons. 

You can find Malty the Blue Tiger books in homes and classrooms around the world, including in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and in school districts such as Albuquerque Public Schools. 

I was also the host of In Plain Language, a podcast presented by

Malty the Blue Tiger, for two seasons.


You can find it streamed worldwide on eight platforms,

including Spotify and Apple Podcasts

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