I am experienced in developing and executing omni-channel digital marketing campaigns that have a record of exceeding revenue goals and growing audiences. 

Having worked on email marketing, paid social and display, affiliate marketing, organic social, focus groups, consumer insights, and sitewide strategy for a global brand — and serving as the head of its content-to-commerce (C2C) websites — I have a wide range of marketing skills that are strategically applied to every new project.


I have also worked with a team of subcontractors to provide marketing services directly to clients in an agency setting.

Examples of recent marketing work include: 

• Increasing content-to-commerce site revenue by 183% YoY 

• Increasing annual content-to-commerce email marketing revenue by ninefold 

          Growing unique open rate by 100% YoY​

          Growing unique click rate by 95% YoY

          Growing average order value by 48% YoY

          Growing RPME by 428% YoY

• ​Leading e-commerce marketing during a time of 160% YoY revenue growth  

• Increasing e-commerce email marketing revenue by 158% YoY

          Increasing RPME by 112% YoY 

          Increasing click to open rate by 95% YoY 

          Increasing unique click rate by 93% YoY

• Exceeding annual revenue goals for a major business within the first quarter