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As an experienced marketing professional, I have a track record of developing and executing omni-channel digital marketing campaigns that exceed revenue goals and significantly grow audiences. 

Currently, I lead a content marketing team responsible for driving more than $5 million in annual revenue for a global brand. This has involved overseeing strategy across four businesses for:

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Paid Social

Paid Search & Display

Organic Social

Affiliate Marketing

Consumer Insights

Internal & External Communications


content strategy

Increased content-to-commerce site revenue for a global brand by 183% YoY (and grew its email marketing RPME by 428% YoY).

product launch marketing

Created a marketing strategy that exceeded launch revenue goals by 82%. The following year, this business exceeded its annual revenue goals in the first three months. 

social media

Increased one brand's reach by 125% and its website clicks by 58% on Instagram in just one month.


Doubled a national media brand's unique visitors from SEO in just 9 months — and helped a new business rank #1 for target keywords in just 3 months.

case studies
marketing snapshots
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Build Early Learning Skills PNL
Books About Kindness, Wellness, and More
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Activity Books
Books Under $5
Book Hop PNL
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GXD-1753-pcool-email-hero (1)
Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 2.42.36 PM
Princess Truly eGift Cards
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Nonfiction PNL
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Spring PNL
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Summer Reading PNL
STEM Books
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